Kitty Kendrick

Township Board
Title: Trustee
Phone: 847-673-9300
Trustee Kitty Kendrick

While Kitty Kendrick is the newest member of the Niles Township Board, she certainly needed no learning curve about Niles Township Government after being seated. The institutional knowledge of Township government that Trustee Kendrick brings to Niles Township is immeasurable.

After nearly 20 years working at Niles Township, Trustee Kendrick was appointed to the Board in 2020 and subsequently elected to a full term. When she retired from her position at the Township, there was regret that Niles Township would be losing a wealth of expertise that Trustee Kendrick had acquired in many different roles at the Township.

But the Township was still able to benefit from her great wisdom in a different capacity when she accepted appointment to the Board. “During these uncertain times, it makes sense that the Board would look to a long-time friend with a wealth of knowledge concerning all things Township to fill this seat,” Supervisor Bonnie Kahn Ognisanti said at the time of Trustee Kendrick’s appointment.

Trustee Kendrick began her work at Niles Township in the Assessor’s office but then started helping the Administrator with bookkeeping, which led to a variety of job roles. She brought stability to the Township Clerk’s office and “gradually got into every program and every end of the business of Township government,” she once recalled.

In addition to Deputy Clerk, Trustee Kendrick also served as Niles Township Administrator, Passport Facility Manager and Accounts Manager. No one knows the day-to-day operations of Township Government better than Trustee Kendrick, who serves as a useful resource when matters pertaining to all areas of the Township come before the Board.

Additionally, Trustee Kendrick helps oversee and edit the Township’s print newsletter sent to all residents of Niles Township.


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