Skokie Mayor George Van Dusen proclaimed the month of December as “Niles Township Food Pantry Awareness Month” during the Village Board meeting held December 4. The Mayor is pictured here presenting the proclamation to Niles Township Government Trustee Bonnie Kahn Ognisanti (left) and Food Pantry Foundation Board member Alyse Cohen Burman.

The number of American households facing food insecurity in the U.S. continues to be more prevalent than it was before the Great Recession. In Niles Township, residents may be surprised to learn that nearly 1 in 3 District 219 high school students are going to bed hungry, and going to school without enough food in their bellies.

Thankfully, the Niles Township Food Pantry is there to help.

Providing assistance to roughly 1,800 households and distributing 100,000 lbs. of food each month, the villages of Skokie, Niles, Morton Grove, Golf and Lincolnwood have declared December as ‘Niles Township Food Pantry Awareness Month’.

“Simply put, no one deserves to go hungry,” said Niles Township Clerk and Food Pantry Foundation President Charles Levy. “We want people to know that for just 44 cents, they can help provide a fellow Township resident a day’s worth of meals. Our statistics show that it may very well be your next-door neighbor who you are helping.”

During November, Niles Township Government trustees and others who serve on the nonprofit Food Pantry Foundation board will visit area businesses in the hopes of placing donation canisters to raise awareness as well as much-needed financial support to assist the Food Pantry’s operations.

“Right now, there are residents in Niles Township facing this life-threatening dilemma each and every day,” said Food Pantry Manager Tony Araque.  “As Americans, we call our network of food pantries and soup kitchens the last line of defense against hunger. We’re here doing everything we can every day, but we need the help of the community now more than ever.”

For more information on the Niles Township Food Pantry or to learn how you can help during Food Pantry Awareness Month, call (847) 983-0073 or visit